Singer/guitarist Rick Berry's intuitive, unique lead guitar and slide playing styles give SunVerb their gutsy western edge. His rock vocal has a gritty warmth with 2nd and 3rd harmonics like a good tube amp driven a little too hard. Spiritual in his writing style he often relies on vague glimpses of a songs being speaking to him and then just go with the feeling, trying to keep true to what the song is telling him. Rick's music swings even more than his mood. It's at once quiet and introspective then rocking, rhythmic and bouncy.
Singer/guitarist Tracy Berry's voice can transform from a sweet/warm presence to a biting rock anthem. A humanitarian and social activist, her earthy song writing is at times cryptic with hidden meaning or plain as day "What It Is". She has been compared to "Lilith Fair" artists: strong, graceful women with convection and compassion on a mission. A talented guitarist in her own right, she can finger pick rock, blues, classical, Latin and many styles in between with a rarity of precision and intensity not found in many artists.

Drummer Dave Wiesinger is stoic and analytical except when he goes off behind the drums and we have that on tape. He is a man of few words. When he does speak, it's usually of great value and worth listening to. Dave's drum interpretations go from sonic subtlest, orchestral dynamics to raucous and rocking. His diverse styles make him a key player to SUNVERB's sound.

Bass player Greg Geeza has a knack for looking deep into a song, and pulling out a bass line from the spaces inbetween, all while still holding up the foundation. Greg's style comes from a blend of a lifetime of music - Russian a capella church music, metal, bluegrass, polkas, show tunes, and straight-ahead rock... he's done them all. His sense of humor is dry, witty, sarcastic, and silly, sometimes all at the same time, and his playing is the same; you never know what to expect, but you can be sure that it's just what the music needed.